KOA buying

Buy yourself on the biggest flower auction in the world.

We install the application on your computer. After that you can buy live from the auction every day. 

The auction starts at 6:00 am dutch time (UTC +1) and will continue till around 10:00 am

  • Buy live from all auction clocks of Royal FloraHolland Aalsmeer
  • From your own computer
  • We check, pack and send everything you buy
  • Against 10% commission fee

Price of KOA buying

To read more about how KOA works and the prices of KOA, please look at our article about KOA.


At what time starts the auction?

The auction for cut flowers starts every working day at 6 am. The plants start at 6:30 am.

How will my products be packed?

How you wish! We could leave the flowers in water or put them in boxes. We could pack them on CC trolleys or put them on a pallet. This way we keep the transport costs as low as possible.

How do I get my flowers?

You could pick the flowers up or we could ship them for you. To ship, we could use your transportation or find a company that could deliver to your location.

What are the extra charges?

Besides the charges of the auction and our commission fee, the only extra charges will be the plastic trays. This will only be a small amount, as the plastic trays costs around 20-30ct for each tray.

Do you want to buy on KOA?