Thank you for your request! This will be the next steps:

At the moment we have a waiting line and we are very careful taking new customers. 

To get first in line, please make sure that we receive the following soon:

  • Business registration
  • Identification of the owner of the business (Passport or driver's license)
  • Make a deposit of €500 on our account by bank transfer or with Transferwise (Wise). Go to for more information

The business registration and identification could be sent to or uploaded by the button below:

*We do not work on credit. The full amount of the invoice must be paid before departure. Please make sure your that you SWIFT transfer or TransferWise account works properly so that the transfer could be made fast after we send you the invoice.

With our airfreight customers, this will be the proces:

1. You make your order latest Sunday evening. 

2. We collect your order on monday and make a doctor document. (Phytosanitairy).

3. The doctor will examine on Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning.

4. We pack everything in boxes and send it to the airline on Tuesday afternoon.

5. Your shipment will arrive on your closest airport Friday afternoon where you can pick them up.

We generated your demo account, so you can now login and see your prices.

Username: Nwcustomer85#

Password: keG85wL


Webshop link:


*The prices are including transport and packaging, only extra costs will be:

- Phytosanitairy certificate document €150

- Screening and Handling €50

Before we can open your account, we need a deposit payment. Click on the button below to make the deposit.

Any questions? Feel free to ask. Salih is available on +31 297 366976 (also on Whatsapp) or e-mail: