Thank you for your request! These will be the next steps:

1. Upload your business registration and ID card
2. We will verify your details
3. Once verified, we will send you a confirmation email with a link to make the deposit payment of €500.
4. Done! Once we received the payment, your account will be open to order.

Please upload or send us the following:

  • Business registration
  • Identification of the owner of the business (Passport or driver license)

The business registration and identification could be sent to or uploaded with the button below:

In the meantime you can have a look at the webshop with your demo account:
Username: Newcustomer192#
Password: jekd#5p1

Webshop link:

*The prices are including transport, so there will be no extra costs besides packaging.
*We can change the currency to GBP.

Your account will be unlocked after we verified your details and received the deposit payment.

Any questions? Feel free to ask.

Sales: Salih
Email: - Phone: +31 6 41 53 17 55 (also on Whatsapp)

Packing and logistics: Dylan

Email: - Phone: +31 6 83 53 33 84 (also on Whatsapp)

See you soon!

Best regards,
Team PP Flowers