The next steps to buy beautiful flowers and plants 

The fastest and cheapest way to send money is by Transferwise.

1. Go to

2. Fill in the amount you want to send

3. Follow the steps on Transferwise and use the bank details on the right:

4. Don't forget to fill in our e-mail adress, as we then are able to see the payment directly.

You can also transfer the payment by your own bank. Just fill in the same details on the right. 

*Please note that these transfers will take a lot longer, so we need more time to open your account.

Look at the video below to see how Transferwise works.

Bank details

Euro bank details:

Account holder

Purmer Plantenhal b.v.


NL85 ABNA 0826822762

Bank code (SWIFT / BIC)


Email adress

Transferwise explaination

Or make the deposit using credit card, Paypal or other methods