CC Container

CC Trolley

A CC trolley is a trolley that has been perfectly made to transport plants. The CC trolley consists of a platform and four piles. Those piles contain holes on every 2 inches high. These holes could hold a shelf and because of the many holes, these shelves could be put on every height you wish. This way you can perfectly adjust the height of the shelve to the height of the plants.

CC Shelves

the shelves could perfectly hold 5 trays of plants bought at the auction. After placing the plants on a shelf, a new shelf could be put right on top of the plants without even touching them. This way the plants could be fully packed on the trolleys and lose almost no space for transport.


A CC trolley is 135cm long and 56.5cm width. The height of the CC trolley from the ground with the normal piles is 190cm high. On these piles, additional piles could be put to make the trolleys even higher. The maximum height of the trolley is 240cm including the additional piles. The plants could also be put on top of the trolleys, which will make the height of the trolley including the plants even higher. Normally the maximum height to load in a big truck is 260cm.

An example of a fully built CC Trolley:

An example of a empty CC Trolley:

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