What is KOA buying?

KOA Buying (Kopen op afstand) is buying live on the auction from your own computer. KOA is a program that needs to be installed on your computer. With this program, you can connect live to the Dutch flower auction in Aalsmeer Naaldwijk or Rijnsburg. You must start the program before the auction starts, otherwise, you miss products that are already auctioned.

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How to buy on KOA?

You need a wholesale company located in one of the auctions. They can request a license for you which can be installed on your computer. After installation, you can buy flowers and plants in the name of this company. This company will charge you a commission fee on the products you bought.

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What is the price of KOA?

Royal Floraholland charges a monthly fee of €45.- for each license. Besides that, you pay for every transaction, which is around €1.45 for each transaction. A transaction is charged for every buy you do. So, the smaller the batch you buy, the relatively more expensive this batch is.

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Start with ''Kopen op afstand''

If you want to start buying on KOA, there are several wholesalers who can provide a license. PP Flowers offers you a license from 10% commission fee. Click here to request an account. Make sure you know about the rules of the auction.